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Gaspé Parkways and Trails

Located in the heart of downtown, Jacques-Cartier Parkway is a pedestrian circuit that runs along Gaspé Bay. Linking “Canada’s Birthplace” site to Musée de la Gaspésie, it offers a few pages of history about Gaspé.


In L’Anse-au-Griffon, Promenade de la Seigneurie de l’Anse connects Le Griffon Cultural Center, Le Boutillier Manor and La Maison aux Lilas de L’Anse. Located by the sea, visitors can admire its many maritime sculptures. The promenade is accessible by Griffon Boulevard and offers free parking.


On the southern side of Gaspé Bay, Gaspé-Haldimand bike path is a 10 km paved circuit with picnic stops linking Gaspé’s tourist information centre to Haldimand Beach. A location of choice for rollerbladers, it offers splendid views of Gaspé Bay and the Forillon Peninsula. Free parking is available at the main railroad station or at Haldimand Beach. Toilets and water fountains are accessible at departure and arrival.


A well-known Alpine skiing venue for winter tourists, Mount Béchervaise is also a place of choice in summer and autumn for mountain walking or biking. The climb is steep, but culminates with a breathtaking view at the top! The mountain is accessible via Montée de Wakeham and Eden Street. Parking is free.