Welcome to The Gaspé Port of Call

Embraced by the rich waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Gaspé port of call will
captivate you with its jagged cliffs, endless coastline and breathtaking mountains.


Featured on National Geographic’s list of «must-see» places in the world, the region is home to picturesque coastal villages, charming maritime architecture, awe-inspiring national parks, world-famous hospitality and diverse wildlife, including moose, caribou, whales, seals and more. Explore nature at its best at Forillon National Park, be amazed at the thousands of northern gannets that flock to Bonaventure Island, and take in the wonder that is Percé Rock, one of the largest natural arches in the world. Experience the trip of a lifetime on the one and only Gaspé Peninsula.


Main Excursions

  • Visit the world’s most accessible Northern Gannet colony
  • Enjoy a boat ride to the Gaspésie’s most famous tourist attraction : Percé Rock
  • Percé’s UNESCO Geopark : 500 million years of earth history to explore
  • Forillon National Park : For a myriad of adventures:
    • Whale watching
    • Hiking to extraordinary places with astounding views
    • Canada’s tallest lighthouse and Carricks shipwreck monument
    • Discover the culture and traditions of the first peoples to inhabit the eastern shores of Canada : The Mi’gmaq
  • Downtown Gaspé : With a great view of your ship, walk along the 1,2 km Promenade Jacques-Cartier, bookended by the Gaspé Museum and The Birthplace of Canada Heritage Site

Discover Percé

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Discover Forillon National Park

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Discover Gaspé

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Gaspé offers 2 port options :



Come ashore to an awesome view of the bay and downtown Gaspé. Just a short walk from the docks is the cruise terminal where the tours buses and tourist information can be found. With a map in hand, guests can enjoy  walks around town to visit landmarks that tell the story of the Mi’gmaq First Nations as well as the Irish, French and English activities in the region beginning with  the arrival of Jacques Cartier  in 1534.


  • Anchorage point : draught of 15 m (49 ft)
  • Floating docks : 82 m (269 ft)
  • 1 mile from anchorage point to shore
  • Cruise terminal
  • Tourist information
  • Proximity to downtown Gaspé

Berth (Gaspé wharf)


  • Length : 185 m
  • Depth : 10,5 m minimum
  • Tidal movement : 1,9 m
  • Marine references : Charts # 4416 & # 4485 (Canadian Hydrographic Service)
  • Latitude : 48 50’ N / Longitude : 64 29’ W

Port services :


  • Pilots available but not compulsory
  • Fuel by truck
  • Fresh water by truck
  • Minor repairs available

Contact information

Lise Nadeau
Harbour Master / PFSO

Port of Gaspé
418 360-5123

Pascale Rémillard
Executive Director

Destination Gaspé
418 360-7385

Cathy Bérubé
Visitor Experience Coordinator

Destination Gaspé
418 368-8620