Living in Gaspé

For those who wish to live in Gaspésie, the city of Gaspé is the place to be. It offers the best of all worlds: great career opportunities as well as countless outdoor, leisure and cultural activities, in a welcoming environment with magnificent sea and mountain landscapes.


With its many employment and business opportunities, Gaspé surely has the job that matches your ambitions or makes your entrepreneurial dreams come true.


Gaspé is an ideal city to raise a family in a healthy environment and offers many amenities and a vast range of services and entertainment venues.


Far from the stress of major centres, Gaspé also offers what is considered a rare commodity: time for cultural, social and sports activities.


Living in Gaspé means living to the full by adopting a lifestyle that focuses on pleasure!


About Gaspé


Located at the far east of the peninsula, Gaspé is Gaspésie’s main city. It has a thriving wind-power industry thanks to the presence of LM Wind Power – Gaspé, Forillon National Park, a major tourist attraction as well as Rivière-au-Renard, the maritime fishing capital of Quebec.


As a vibrant city open to the world, Gaspé has an airport that connects to major cities, making air travel easy. In addition to Francophones, who make up the majority of the population, the city includes an substantial Anglophone community and is the home of the Micmac Nation of Gespeg.

A Few Perks of Living in Gaspé!

The Town of Gaspé has one hospital and two CLSCs on its territory, in addition to a few family medicine groups. According to statistics, almost all citizens are cared for by a family doctor.


Furthermore, the region of Gaspésie had, in 2017, 3.51 doctors per 1,000 inhabitants, which is more than any other region in Québec.


It is therefore not surprising to see shorter waiting times at the hospital of Gaspé than anywhere else in Québec.


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The Town of Gaspé has had a strong and firmly rooted English-speaking community on its territory for some tens if not hundreds of years. This explains why it has a comprehensive network of bilingual schools, from kindergarten to Cégep.


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It is acknowledged that being in close proximity to sea and nature has a positive effect on us!


In Gaspé, we are among the only cities in the country that has a National Park within its limits. Add to this access to mountains, waters, winter and summer sports and the absence of traffic and you have all you need to reduce your anxiety level and enjoy life!

As the main city in Gaspésie, Gaspé can count on an exciting cultural community. CD Spectacles, the official presenter of Gaspé, showcases the best humoristic, musical and dancing shows in eastern Québec in an auditorium that was completely renovated back in 2014.


Due to its rich history, Gaspé also has a lot of heritage and historical sites such as the Musée de la Gaspésie, Birthplace of Canada and its Jacques-Cartier cross, but also lighthouses, historical houses and so much more!