Main Infrastructures

Michel-Pouliot Airport of Gaspé

Gaspé Airport was renamed Michel Pouliot Airport in October 2008 in honor of its founder Michel Pouliot, Gaspesian businessman who created, in 1951, the first airline in the region. Michel Pouliot is a man who has marked the history of aviation in Gaspésie and elsewhere.


Facilitating the travel of the public and business people, Michel Pouliot Airport is an essential attribute for the  development of the regional community.


Located a few kilometers from our industrial parks, downtown, and the sea and railways, Michel Pouliot Airport is a hub that welcomes nearly 25,000 passengers annually. In 2019 and 2020, the airport will be extended to 5,500 feet, which will open the door to new business opportunities!


The City of Gaspé is served daily with flights to Quebec City and Montreal.


For more information, visit the airport website.

3 Industrial Parks in Gaspé

The city of Gaspé includes Rivière-au-Renard, Sandy Beach and the Augustines industrial parks. Each park includes a dozen companies from different industries.


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 Port de Rivière-au-Renard


The largest fishing port in Quebec, both for the quantity and the value of landed catches, the port of Rivière-au-Renard is very well protected from the weather. No less than 35 million pounds of fish and shellfish were landed in 2016 for processing in the Gaspé plants.


Over the years, a number of related services and equipment have been added to the port facilities: a wintering yard for fishing vessels, fish and shellfish landing companies, electronic and marine equipment sales and repair companies, marine services and mechanic companies, welding shops, repair and manufacturing of fishing gear, a chandlery for fishing companies, etc.


Several other projects are currently under study, including the redevelopment of the banks, the expansion of the boat park and the construction of an economuseum. There are also discussions about increasing its capacity thanks to the expansion of the wintering yard for fishing vessels, to the increase of the harbour’s capacity and the widening of the boat chute.

Sandy-Beach Port

Well protected because of its location and enjoying deep water (from 11.5 to 12.5 m on the north side of the wharf), the port of Sandy-Beach can accommodate ships of different sizes. Its 200 m platform, in good condition, has a large loading capacity (59 kPa).


Each summer, the port welcomes some 15 CTMA cruise ships that disembark tourists wanting to visit Gaspé. Approximately 40 oil tankers refuelling the Sandy Beach Industrial Park bunkers also visit each year. Also, approximately three salt-loading vessels a year use Sandy Beach Harbor, which also serves as a maintenance station for Canadian Coast Guard vessels or icebreakers.


Located in the harbour, the shipyard Forillon has its own boat ramp.


A number of services and related equipment have been added to the Port of Sandy-Beach over the years: fuel supply, long shoring services, connections with other modes of transportation nearby (e.g. Route 132 and the railway is 100 m from the wharf) and an outdoor storage area of 6,500 m2. The port has some industrial land available. They, like the seabed, have been decontaminated.